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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

I keep many of my Nutcrackers out year round.   I have all sizes and I tuck then away in all kinds of nooks & crannies.  It's my house, it makes me happy, I don't have to explain why.   My (grown) kids don't even ask about it anymore!


If I have something winter-specific, rather than Christmas-specific, it stays out until Easter.

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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

Christmas - including our real trees - stays out until January 6. I don't know anyone here who takes anything down before New Year's. My close friend puts her (artificial) tree up Thanksgiving and takes it down New Year's Day. Other friends are like me, leaving things until the 6th.


After the 6th the collection of snowmen my SIL's started for me years ago comes out. I also use deer, cardinals, white birch, etc. Our home looks snuggly and warm for the winter!  Smiley Happy

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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

Snowflakes and snowpeople

And what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun.
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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

@sarahpanda  I start out after New Years just taking down a few things at a time. Mostly stuff that looks super Christmas. As I put things away, I decide what I may leave a few weeks longer. I usually wait to bring my "normal" decor back into the home for at least a month. This is an example of something that I usually leave out through January because it speaks "winter" to me.

1228171432a (480x640).jpg

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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

I love my Christmas decorations and enjoy them for the holiday season, but love the look after the Christmas decorations are gone. 

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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

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I have been collecting more "winter" items over the years.  I have a cute candle holder set from Yankee Candle from a few years ago that I keep out until Valentines Day.






Knit 2.jpg


I have these lanterns that I put some fake holly around.  I remove the holly and leave these out all winter.






I switch these lanterns out for some red ones from Home Goods and a few white and ivory lighthouse lanterns from Yankee Candle.


I have a wagon that I switch out pine cones for fake lemons or some other colorful thing I find.  I have pumpkins for fall, pine cones for winter, eggs for spring, etc.


I switch out my table runner on my kitchen table.  I have a red stripe one like this.  




Then I switch out the centerpiece.  Sometimes I buy fresh flowers, other times I have a tray with tea lights.

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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

I love this time of the year. I feel I am inspired to move things around and re-decorate my home. 

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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

I leave the mantel decorated since I have faux greens with poinsettia accents on it now.  I leave the lights on and add a few more pinecones and a variety of candles in cream and red.  It still looks festive but more winter, rather than Christmas (at least IMO).

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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

No special decorating after Christmas here other than a "winter" wreath I purchased years ago from the Q.  It is by Valerie-a  series of auto deliveries celebrating each season.  The one for winter is just that-for winter.  It reflects sledding, ice skating, mittens, a scarf, etc.  Nothing that suggests Christmas or any other winter holiday, just winter.  It hangs above our fireplace mantel when I remove the Christmas wreath.  My Christmas decorations are down and stored away until next year except outside decorations, many of which are frozen in or to the ground.  We are to get a "warming" spell next weekend and hope to get those items down and put away, even if boiling water to defrost the ground is involved!  We are done and ready to move on to the new year and whatever it has to bring.

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Re: How do you decorate after Christmas?

@Sooner wrote:

Other than packing up the Christmas stuff, I'm glad to get the house back the way it was.  I may switch out some things occasionally, change out what's on the sideboard in the entry hall or rearrange things in the bookshelves, but I really don't decorate seasonally other than pumpkins in the yard in the fall and the Christmas things, and the flag out on July 4, Labor and Memorial days.  And the University flag on game days! 

@Sooner, this is how I feel as well.


I decorated the Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend so by this past Friday, I was happy to get it taken down and my house back in order.


Like you, I will change some things around but that's about it.