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My Dad had a large envelope for every tool he ever bought,  their car,  lawn mower etc.  It container original receipt, cancelled check, instructions,  warranty, and records of any service/repair done.  With the exception of the car they were all in alphabetical order in his work shop.


After Dad died Mom had a problem with one of the windows they had installed a few years earlier. It was under warranty but when she called the guy gave her attitude.  Of course he needed info but figured an older woman newly widowed didn't know squat. Mom said I'll call you right back. There was an envelope for the windows.  She got it replaced within a few days.


This post made my ❤️ happy!  Yay, Dad!

I have mine in Ziploc bags for the major appliances and in a file folder for the smaller things.  So many times over the years I have sold or given away things and I've always provided the booklets and everything that went with the item. Nowadays, most of the information can be found online, but the papers don't take up much space so I just go ahead and keep them.

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@SurferWife wrote:

EXTREMELY!   ...and then there's my daily challenge in life.


Same here.


Before I married everything had a place and was in that place. I have to admit there are times when my DH’s disorganization drives me crazy. 

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Better than average, but not in OCD territory. I do a quick clean of the house each morning which keeps clutter from piling up. I need to find a different way to store holiday decor (there are 9 occasions I decorate for).