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Re: Hooray! My Windows Are Clean1

Wow, thirty windows is a lot.  I'd also be skeptical of a cleaner that you spray on and let dry with no rubbing.


Many commercial cleaners like Windex include wax and thats what leaves the streaks.  I make my own cleaner with water, white distilled vinegar, and a small amount of liquid detergent.  It works great and - most importantly - leaves no streaks.

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Re: Hooray! My Windows Are Clean1

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I've tried so many products trying to clean my windows.  Nothing was working, always streaks.  It was so frustrating to me because in my old house, I was able to get sparkley, clean windows just by cleaning them by hand using windex and paper towels.  I was hesitate to use windex outdoor window cleaner (that attaches to hose) because of was scared I'd get foggy windows.  But I gave in and tried one window today and it worked!  Ended up doing a total of 17 windows.  13 more to go!

Please help me understand what you are using, you first said you were "using Windex and paper towels..", and I am assuming that is for the inside?


But then in the next sentence you said you "hesitated to use Windex outdoor window cleaner... But I gave in and tried one window..."  So is that for the inside or the outside?  


 I'm so confused, are you using two different Windex products, one for inside and the other one for outsi


At my old house, all I would use is Windex spray with paper towels inside and out.  But at the house I live in now, that didn't work.  Neither did many, many other products.  I bought Windex Outdoor.  The one that attaches to a hose.  It has 3 settings:  Off, rinse and cleanse.  First rinse with water, then  cleanse and let set  15 seconds then rinse again.  Worked very well.  


Now I understand, I have an old two-story house with a ton of windows too, I have always had someone else clean them on the outside, but once it gets cooler I might give it a try myself. 

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Re: Hooray! My Windows Are Clean1

Try using cheap flour sack towels ,instead of paper towels ,you can buy cheap ones at walmart ,that are good enough for this job.

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