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Re: Have you replaced your windows? UPDATE

I'm wondering if we're discussing two different kinds of replacements.  DH and I did not get inserts -- we opted for full frame replacement (double hung windows, btw).  They removed and replaced all the trim and sill work, inside and out, getting down to the 'bare bones.'  Our new windows (talking about just the glass) are actually 1/4" larger than the originals. 


The other option would have been for insert replacement, new upper and lower windows inserted into the existing frames.  I think those are the windows that result in lost area.


Our house is only twenty years old, and, to save considerable expense, we probably did not need to go the route we did; however, once they began pulling out the windows and exposing the the earlier workmanship, we were convinced we had made the right choice.  There literally was no water barrier around the openings, and there was evidence that some water had gotten in over the years.  The damage wasn't severe or problematic -- yet -- but it was clear that it was a, "pay me now or pay me later" situation, and we're glad we caught, and fixed, it before there really was a problem. The Andersen crew applied a (rubber?) barrier under the sills and heat sealed it to the house.  On the exterior, they used an expanding foam sealer around the rest of the window frame then attached a finishing 'cap' to that.  It all matches and fits so well, from the outside, you cannot tell they were here. 

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