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Love it.

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It's different but I like it because of neutral colors. I'd like it better if the room is private.

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I like the idea for that space, but not for my bathroom. I need a mirrored cabinet because I have a pedestal sink and need the medicine cabinet for some storage.

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Like it - very creative even though probably not practical.

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Re: Hanging Mirrors

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I put a long mirror on the interior of the bathroom door....

not great for makeup....but good for everything else....

not a fan of the hanging mirrors.....

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Not a fan of the look. Also, not practical for cleaning and they’d be very hard to hang. 

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Looks great as a picture, but not for practical living.

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I don't think I would have bought the place....................

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LOLA, Hate being so stupid. May I ask you a ? what exactly are the pulleys called from which you are hanging mirrors? still wanting you to do a book. LOVE each time you post

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Oh, none of this is MY decor, just to clarify.  They're things I find on Pinterest and decorating sites that I think would be fun to discuss here.  That's why I ask for opinions, because it's no skin off my back if someone absolutely hates the space I've found.  Cat Indifferent


I don't know the terminology, but I would probably use pulleys.


I just went back to the source, and they are pulleys from the hardware store (spray painted black) with sisal rope from the hardware store to hang them.