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Re: Handbag holder for car

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A good idea.  I can see the need for one.  My bag has gone sailing to the floor many times.


Must admit unless big Doggie is with me I use his seatbelt / harness to hold mine. 

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So . . . I guess I'm the only gal who puts her purse in the trunk while driving? I've been surprised that no one has mentioned that as a reason why they wouldn't need this item. And if I did keep my purse with me up front, I'm pretty sure I'd still worry about it bouncing around too much with this sling (and yes, I did read the blog). Hopefully this works out for those who are interested in it.

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@Homegirl   Yes, I have one.  Have had it for several years. I often have both front seat and at least one back seat passenger, so it’s very useful for me.  


It works best when both the drivers seat and front seat passenger seat are in approximately the same position.   Otherwise, there is a gap and the hand bag can fall into the back seat area.  


Even when I’m alone and I can place my bag anywhere else in the car, I appreciate the mesh storage pocket.  I always have a pen, a little flashlight, and a few other necessities in that pocket.