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This tidbit below that I found explains the dino picture.  Pretty little place to visit for a day, but I could never live in such a small town.........


The quaint foothills community of Morrison is primarily known for one thing around the country, and that's Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It also boasts one of Colorado's best dinosaur collections, with numerous prints and fossils found in the Morrison-Golden Fossil Area, aka Dinosaur Ridge.May 30, 2022Population: 381 (2021)


Population: 381 (2021)Population: 381 (2021)


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I love the rural yet accessible location.  I want to see nature from my back yard, not more houses.  Good choice....for the exterior, the interior not so much.  


I crave hardwood floors and love the windows to be arched.  This house is very box like and linear.  The kitchen needs a custom update.  Where is the pool, looks like an offset pond that is placed for the wildlife to enjoy.  With some renovations (including painting), it would be livable, not so sterile/cold.  Love the area and I would create more window space to incorporate more light and outdoors.   Dream house....perhaps, for someone.  


I'm a nature lover...pitch me a tent in the back yard and I'd probably be happy⛺️

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Morrison , Colorado

 Would be a nice family / friends get away for a ski trip !

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Not my style either, see these every year and most of them I've liked but either way I would be thrilled to have it!

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I think it lacks warmth. And I agree with everybody about that literal dinosaur.

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I just finished watching the show for the Dream Home. Sorry but that green on the walls is just too much. It has to go. 

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A cold, drab, unappealing mish-mash.

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The dino is the only bright spot in the house.

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@LdyBugz The HGTV Dream Homes have not been to my taste for a few years now. But, that's not necessarily a criticism. I have very conservative taste. That being said, I've entered the contest every day for years and have never won anything. You don't have to take the house, just the money. This year, I'm not entering. Just tired of doing it.

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In my opinion, this house lacks balanced color and design.  The home looks "cold" and impersonal.