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It's that time of year again.  This one is located on Anastasia Island, FL.  I think this house is better than the last several they've done.  


I don't care for how close the house is located next to the water.  I wonder if there would be water issues if a hurricane landed in that area, which is on the east coast, south of Jacksonville.


I do like most of the rooms, with the exception of one of the bedrooms.  Not too keen on the dark blue kitchen cabinets.  I would prefer maybe a lighter wood tone.  Too much blue throughout for my liking.  But overall, I like this house.  


Here are a few pics.  You can find a lot more pics at the HGTV web site.
















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Re: HGTV 2024 Dream House

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With just a few exceptions over the years, the decor of their dream houses is rarely what I would consider a dream. This one doesn't look as unappealingly trendy as do most. Southern Living also does an annual build I tend to prefer.

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I think the home is beautiful. I also like the proximity to the water. However, I couldn't live in Florida. 

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@LdyBugz  I would love it, but my favorite, and the one I would have loved to have had was the one in Martha's Vineyard. That's where I would love to be. 

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I enter the contest regularly. One of the past homes was across the bay from me.


How do they pick the winners from email entrees?

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This isn't my dream house in any way.  There isn't much appeal and I do not care for the location.  Just my opinion.

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Since real estate is location location location, this would be a nope nope nope.

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I find the shades of blue very soothing. The light floor reminds me of sand & the blue shades the water. Creating the beach inside. 

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@candyagain wrote:

I enter the contest regularly. One of the past homes was across the bay from me.


How do they pick the winners from email entrees?

Supposedly, the winner is drawn at random, but I suspect there's some prescreening of the entries. The rules of such contests typically include enough vagueness to allow them to disqualify anyone they want to disqualify for any reason they choose. 


They likely screen entries as they arrive and then select multiple winning options from the entries that pass initial scrutiny. Then they do more detailed research into the potential winners until they decide who to award the prize to. 


They say the value is over $2 million, but the cash option you're given is $650,000. Oddly they claim the ARV (approximate retail value) of the cash prize is $820,000. I guess you get the $70,000 credit for a Mercedes and the $100,000 in cash also to get to the $820,000. Maybe? 


And here's the fun part. Even if you win, they don't have to give you the house. They can substitute the cash prize (the $650,000) at their sole discretion. There's a lot of leeway they've built into the contest to give them control over who wins and what prize they get. The good news is if they deem you worthy, you get at least $650,000. The bad news is you may get taxed as if it was $820,000. But hey, who couldn't use $650,000?

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It's a beautiful home but it's not my dream house!  I enter this all the time and it would be great to win.  I would never live there but I would like the money!  If they really do all that screening to determine if you are worthy to live there, that's kind of shady, isn't it?  I mean, it should be - if you win, you win!!!! 

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