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Have been neglecting our house the past few years as my husband is ill, and made an all out effort this spring to fix leaks, touch up paint and do the maintanence I can handle. Also had th bathroom painted per my other post.

This is my computer room which had a bad leak during the January snowstorm and just had the ceiling painted and hung this canvas found on clearance at a Pier One outlet store that was closing. It just really makes the room and wanted to share.

bird picture.jpg

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What a lovely picture!  What a great bargain.  I would have bought this in a minute!

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I love it!  Looks great.  I have a small oblong picture with birds on a branch that I bought at TJ Maxx.  Had no idea I would put it, just knew I had to have it!  Birds are cheerful.  Enjoy!

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What a beautiful picture; I love it!  It looks very nice on that wall.  Hope you enjoy it for many years to come.  

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I really like that.  It's colorful and would make me happy to look at on my wall.  Enjoy.

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Yes, great find!  I know you'll enjoy it!

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WOW,  that is really pretty!!!

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Oh!  I really, really want that picture!!


Great find, indeed!

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This combines the tranquility and serenity of watching birds, with such beautiful vibrant, and cheery splashes of color. Very nice.


And I'm sorry you have been dealing with illness in your home. It is bad enough in it's own right, but then you add to it the problems like home repairs that get put on the back burner, and it just adds to the stress.


I hope the improvements you have made are empowering and give you as much satisfaction as I know they would me. In times when there are things you have little or no control over (like your husband's illness), to take control and fix even the simplest things boost your spirit and gives you back some feeling that you do have at least some things within your control. 

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When you can look at a picture and it makes you happy and you smile, now that's a find!

Ive always enjoyed watching birds and making sure their feeders are full, especially during winter months.  Watching them is good for the soul😇