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Great Price - Homeworx Candles

Good morning everyone, if you like Homeworx Candles, there ae several that are discounted (set of 2), with free shipping.  I normally get them when they are reduced or at Home Goods when I see them for $16.99 each, but found some yesterday on QVC for $28.04 and $31.19 for a set of 2 with free shipping.


H227648 and H267295



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Re: Great Price - Homeworx Candles

@CAcableGirl2 That is a good price for his candles, especially with free shipping. 


I still have a hard time purchasing them at even this sale price though. I get mine from B&BW when they have their big sales. I buy them for $10 each and when they have buy 1 get 1 free. I am so stocked up, I feel like I could be labeled a hoarder when it comes to candles. 

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Re: Great Price - Homeworx Candles

Thank you @CAcableGirl2  I ordered the orange creamsicle!

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Re: Great Price - Homeworx Candles

As I posted on Friday, Zulily has some really, really cheap.  Just a few left now.