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Anyone use these candles? I am suddenly noticing this brand.

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I enjoy their three wick candles. They are carefully packed and often run sales.

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I have tried all brands over the years including GCG and my favorite by far is Bath and Body Works.  I only purchase during the best sale of the year which is the first weekend in December.  We have a store in my small town but the sale is available online too.

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I use Goose Creek candles and their wax melts.  I do like them.

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Thanks for the reviews

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Yes, one of my favorite brands, just look at the reviews ,some are better than others,love the turkey one ,coffee.

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That brand comes jp on my Facebook page all the time. Some tempting scents but I've never purchased.

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I saw their ad on Facebook and almost placed an order. I am always skeptical of ordering anything off Facebook so I looked for reviews. The reviews are mixed but with 128 reviews and a 2.4 rating on Trust Pilot scared me off. 

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Goose Creek has replaced B&BWs as my favorite candle.  I love their wax melts also, they last for hours.

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They are the strongest candles I have ever bought. I usually buy 10 or more

when they are on sale and then if it is still the same free shipping starts at

$100. Some I really enjoy but then others have been a bit overwhelming.

Be aware that during the holiday time I have waited 2 to 3 weeks to receive,

they are a very popular brand.