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Re: Good Bones Design Challenge: Ugly Lamp


Congratulations on the completion of your beautiful lamp. 


BTW, your assistant is lovely 😊 

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Re: Good Bones Design Challenge: Ugly Lamp

@lolakimono wrote:

If you've seen my other posts about my ugly office, you know that my "challenge" school is outdated and we have a nonexistent budget for decor.  I have found several decor items from and used them to revamp our office.


This summer, I also ordered this lamp.  It arrived while I was away, so today is the first day I'm thinking about what to do with it.  




I'm curious to see what you would do to modernize a lamp with good bones.


I purchased the lamp because it looked sturdy and some of you know that I like fish (as well as turtles and cats).  This lamp will either go in our staff office, or in a classroom if I get my own.  It can't be so expensive that I would be devastated if something happened to it.  



Here is the caveat:


I have already started on what I plan to do, and I'm about halfway finished.  I don't want people to feel disappointed that I didn't take their suggestions when I post the reveal pictures.Cat Happy  I am curious to see your decorating ideas. 



I’ve been searching for the follow up post which shows what you did with the lamp. Where is the title of the follow up post?

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Re: Good Bones Design Challenge: Ugly Lamp

@Mindy D 

I put the pictures in this thread.

Did you see them in previous posts?