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@rockygems123  I have that VPH faux eucalyptus candle ring and I love it!  I have a Luminara candle in the middle of it and I don't use the glass hurricane that came with it.


I'm not big on fillers for hurricanes, I do have one in my ocean themed masterbath though with sea shells in it Smiley Happy

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@NickNack  Thank you for being kind in your response.  Sometimes people are rude.


After I'd pressed, I realized I thought I was in the TV and Movies.  I screw up stuff all of the time in various things and subjects.\


Friends and family know if I say, "I absolutely know"; it's for real, otherwise I might put in (paraphrasing) or (I think, etc).


I looked for the post to delete it and (of course) couldn't find it.


Happy Valentines Day, take care and be safe.