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Love it. Like a great hotel room. I'm imagining big windows with a great view. Not for me, though, because I don't think there's anything I want to get away from!

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I couldn't live with the appliance lights and the refrigerator noises.  In the bedroom.



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Re: Get- A- Way Bedroom

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@PastoralPamela wrote:

@sometimesQVCaddict  n a hotel or on vacation-Yes! Everyday living-No!

I'm not that lazy or old to not be able to walk to another room if I need a snack or a drink. And certainly not in a bedroom.

I could see this moreso in a family room or next to a kitchen or a bar/beverage area area perhaps?


FYI, I'm NOT lazy, never will be considered "Old" and you should never say you won't have mobility issues. None of those factors played into us choosing to have a wet bar in our Master Suite. I suspect you are envious. Indeed, I consider myself very fortunate and blessed. Lazy? Never! 

@PastoralPamela   I stepped in here to tell you that the thought of you ever being lazy, old, or less than mobile, never crossed my mind. I honestly think your having had a set-up like this is way ahead of the game! Wished I would have thought of it before we built our home.  Just wanted you to know that I support your thinking!  Posters here are sometimes quite dramatic and adamant about their likes and dislikes concerning a room. After you get over the shock of it, it is sometimes quite amusing. Did I say "sometimes"???    

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What's 'amusing' is ASKING for opinions or thoughts, but than not liking what you hear & getting offended over it. 🤷‍♀️ If that's shocking, I'm honestly shocked people don't anticipate it. People also need to stop thinking they're personally being offended on a general comment if it's not addressed to a particular individual.

If you don't want to hear a differing opinion, #1 don't ask and/or #2 post somewhere where everyone thinks like you. Problem solved!😁

Peace out for me on this post which got wayyy off topic! As usual per here....
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Studio apartments have a lot less. Other than it is so dark, I like it.

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If the wood was much lighter .. oh, and, with "cheerier colors", then yes.  But, with the way it currently is, I wouldn't consider staying there.

Thanks for sharing.