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Transitional Master Bedroom With Dark Wood Floor to Ceiling Wall Unit

This may not be my favorite decor but I posted it because I like the idea of having a get-a-way bedroom complete with a tiny kitchenette. With a bathroom off the master bedroom,  it could be like your own little woman cave.  I could live with this for sure!   

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I love it.  It would be so handy to have the convenience of a small kitchen right in the bedroom, rather than having to keep making a trip downstairs to the kitchen.  Especially nice too for those that are not very mobile or if you, for example, had an elderly parent - it would be a lot safer rather than having them go through a dark house at night to get to the kitchen.  

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Maybe it's the lighting, but I don't like it. It's depressing.


        I'd want to escape.


Dark wood, dark walls, seems the light is just absorbed by the paint and furnishings.

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Re: Get- A- Way Bedroom

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@jubilant I could stand it for a week or so. Don't like the dark wood or the color of the bedding.

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It is rather dark, but I do really like the bed!

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You could easily brighten it up with decorative accents. I like it

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I like the decor and colors/wood, but I never eat or drink in my bedroom so not for me.

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Yes I would like that for a long long nap. 

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i do not like the idea of having a kitchen in my bedroom.  If someone was bedridden it would be a help fro the caretaker. However, for me a bedroom is used for sleep, rest, peace and quiet, I would want it separate from the kitchen.

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This is my idea of a get-away-bedroom, a room with a view.  That's Albuquerque down below. 





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