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DH and I must be in the minority here because we love our jetted tub.  We use it a couple times a week with a couple scoops of San Francisco bath salts and are in heaven.  It helps sore muscles and is a relaxer for us.

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I do like the look but like other posters, at my age it isn't practical .  Stepping in and out of a deep tub while doable wouldn't be easy for me.

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Purchase a mosquito chaser , the Q has small ones. I am thinking of getting a few small ones for when I do yard work.

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UTI.  Would be for me, anyway.

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@Tigriss It's a large tub in the bathroom.  Don't ask me how it got such an exotic name!


Image result for bathrooms with a garden tub


@ECBG I don't know how it got called a garden tub either, but you could fit a garden in it or a tub of worms for a worm farm.  Mine is similar to yours but takes up the entire end of my rectangle bathroom surrounded by a counter where I have plants and a candelabra dangling above the tub with real candles.  I guess you can add your garden.  I still couldn't stretch out in your tub either. Too short!


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@Tigriss That isn't my bathroom, that's the example I put up.  I prefer normal but nice baths and the room to be where I actually live.Smiley Happy

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My husband and I are 50+. Maybe it’s a younger generation thing? I loved a big bathtub until I had chronic UTIs. Once I stopped soaking in the tub, my UTIs stopped. We have a large soaking tub in our master bath. It’s a dust collector. In my area, people expect a large tub separate from the shower. I would rather put that space to use with something we would use but it would hurt the resale of our house if we removed the soaking tub.
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@Twins Mom wrote:
I was surprised to see so many tubs that stand alone in bath (not built in wall, no shelf, etc.). All I can envision is a mess all around- more cleaning. Do people use them or just for looks?

The ones that really bug me are the free-standing tubs a couple of inches from a wall. Good luck retrieving anything that falls back there, and cleaning that area is nearly impossible. The claw foot ones you can work under, but the slipper style, flush sitting tubs you can't work under. A lot of decorators put those types of tubs in those locations, and it's very impractical.

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A tub is one of those things people think they need.  A Garden Tub may look nice but is never used.  People need to think logically about how much it will actually be used.  My parents had one and it ended up being a storage space.


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I don’t even know what is a garden tub?

Here, everyone wants a walk-in shower. No tub.