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Re: GE refrigerator with built-in Keurig

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Piling one kitchen gadget into another sounds like a recipe for  a malfunction and repair disaster at some point. 


I expect my fridge to keep food cold, not create hot coffee.


Also, from what I've read, some fridges don't even do the "cold' part well enough.  Why expect them to excel at multitasking?

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LOL, sounds bizarre.  With exception of my Vitamix and Kitchenaid I'm not a 'can do everything' kind of person either.    I don't even like icemakers in fridges.

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Re: GE refrigerator with built-in Keurig

I can't even imagine.  The first thing I said to my DH when we saw the commercial for this was "one more thing to break and be useless."  Just what I would want.  A non-usable Keurig on the front of my fridge.


I don't even like or want a water dispenser on my fridge for the same reason.