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I like it. It’s almost me.
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This is a great room, spacious and with a  fireplace.  I would redecorate to suit my taste.

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I've been in my share of farmhouses and never saw anything like that.

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Fantastic space, wonderful fireplace, too bad about the decor...

In my pantry with my cupcakes...
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Re: Funky Farmhouse DR

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Show it to me after it's been lived in.


How many chairs are really necessary?  Is this Sister Wives?

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Too hodgepodge for my taste....needs one cohesive element....that would make it much better
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I like the room itself especially with the fire place. But the table and chairs and most of the decor gives me an old school room vibe. Not to my taste   

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I hate every single thing...

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There are some elements of this room I really like -- the hanging lights and window treatments are two of many.  But I don't care for the mismatched chairs and there are far too many of them.  

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Except for those strange overhead light fixtures, I like the room for what it is! It's a happy, come sit down and have a cup of coffee room! The fireplace is beautiful and the room is perfect for all of the friends and family that most likely stop by for coffee or a meal.