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Re: For those who have ever moved.

We moved into this house 18 years ago. It was being built so we had almost five months to get ready. First my husband went through the garage and we purged. What we were going to keep we rented a storage unit to store it in.

Then we started on the house. We started purging and boxing items we were keeping and stored those things in the now empty garage. I was also buying tons of stuff for the new house, so we packed and marked on the boxes what was in them.

When it was time to move, we hired professional movers, mainly because we were moving to a two story house. The movers put all the furniture in the house and all boxes went in the new garage. That way we could do a room at a time. After the garage was empty, we got rid of the storage unit and they went in the new garage. It worked out beautifully.

However, if I had to move again........just shoot me now!

Actually, if we had to move again, I'm hiring movers to pack it all up as well!

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Re: For those who have ever moved.

I can purge but every time I look at something it either brings back memories or I can think of reasons to keep it. I am not a hoarder and my place is well organized and clean but I DO HAVE STUFF. And I was one who took whatever anyone wanted to hand me. I have mothers and grandmothers antiques. I have not only their furniture but my daughters' furniture went they moved around. I have pictures and paintings and wall hangings and collectibles of some value from my father. It goes on and on.

I am rural and have many auction houses. But the MANY keeps the prices down. Lots of places to buy from.

I hate to leave the job to my kids and yet I hate to just toss it away.

I thank you all for answering this because it is nice to know I am not alone and that others have solved the problem.

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Re: For those who have ever moved.

On 5/21/2014 Gooday said:

I just stumbled across this timely thread.

We are moving my dad from his condo of 20 years into an independent living apartment that is 300 sq. feet smaller. The new facility gave us the name of a woman who is a licensed and bonded organizer, packer and stager. She came over, took pictures of every square inch of space including the garage and storage room. She has been a God-send.

She works with a team of 4 women. She went over all my dad's possessions and fortunately, he was a dream to work with. She went to his new apartment to get measurements for furniture placement. There are things he has to get rid of but, that was to be expected.

Included in her fee was the change of address with utilities, etc. She even made up fliers for him with his new info. to send out. She also deals with consignment shops and charities that will take things you want to get rid of. On moving day, she will be there to supervise and her team will be at his new apt. to put everything away, from dishes in the cabinets to the pictures on the walls and his bed made. She said for us to take my dad for the day and she will call us when the move is complete. She even took care of the cable company.

This lady tells me that there are about 500 moving/organizing specialists. If DH and I ever decide to make the permanent move to our AZ. home, we will hire her.

Such a great idea for a small business.

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