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Re: For all the cloche lovers...

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These are new and they are going to be in You're Home with Jill today I think...

Set of 2 Metal Cloches with Mirror Inserts by Home Reflections


Stop it Mallemo, just stop it, lol!!  I cannot even entertain the idea of these however....what intrigues me is the mirror insert.  I have Lisa Robertson's cloche with the mirror insert & I love it.  I have never packed it up since I have had it.  I change out the themes; always with micro lights as well.  These so-called cloches do not have the traditional glass dome.  This is my way of justifying why I would even entertain the thought of purchasing these.  They could work in with the Heritage Luminara Lanterns in black.  Just got home from work so off to see the recording!  Are you thinking about these as well?

@BornToShop...No, I don't have any room for one more thing I'm afraid!