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I have one set for each bed - strip, wash, dry and back on the bed for me. If I get sick of looking at them,  or something happens to them  - I buy a new set. No folding, no storage, no problem! 


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Thank you for directing those who want to watch it - to go to the home page.  I haven't been on the computer for several hours so didn't she the poster who wanted to watch Jill.   Thanks again.

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Jill introduced this a year ago or so, and at the time I thought 'heck, I should have made a video of this years ago'. as I have been doing this all my life!


I was surprised how many people never just figured it out for themselves. I guess that just shows how odd I think, that I obsessed over sheet folding till I got it right, while still in my 20's!

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This is the only way I've ever folded fitted sheets.  Our wedding gifts (45 years ago) included sheet sets, and included inside the manufacturer's packaging was a card with folding instructions.

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Faeriemoon - Ok, that is HILARIOUS!  Thanks for the laugh.  Smiley Happy

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That is hilarious and exactly how I feel when trying to,fold my king size fitted sheets.

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I use to be able to fold a fitted sheet perfectly.  Now we have a king size bed and the fitted sheets these days have elastic all the way around making it more difficult to do a straight edge so I have pretty much given up.

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have always folded mine into a little package, my mother used to shove the sheets into the cupboard in mess made me nuts.