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Re: Feedback we got today on our house

I wouldn't be so concerned about what prospective buyers say when they look at your home.  As another poster mentioned, it could be a negotiating tactic, or just what they say because the house does not fit their needs, whatever they are, and they just want to move on.  It is hard to hear criticism of things that we like.  A lot of brokers don't let the owners in the showing so that they don't hear the silly things people say.  Hopefully you will find a buyer for the right price for you, and that is all that you need!

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Re: Feedback we got today on our house

@OKPrincess  Same here. Four kids and one tiny bathroom. Parents took in a foster girl for a while in addition to us four and dad "built" a bedroom for my brothers over the separate garage.  We never complained ~ wouldn't have done any good. It was what it was back then.

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Re: Feedback we got today on our house

I think that when purchasing a home you should get what you really want at the price you can afford. I suggest they keep looking and get what makes them happy. I see nothing wrong with wanting 2 sinks in a bathroom. They know what works for them and their lifestyle. 

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Re: Feedback we got today on our house

I grew up with four kids, three bedrooms and one bath. That was fine for us many many years ago. That's all my parents could afford.

Would I buy a house with only one bathroom even though that's what I grew up with? Never.

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Re: Feedback we got today on our house

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There is nothing wrong with a buyer wanting double sinks. Everything has criteria they want in a house. My guess is they really didn’t like the house so it was s excuse. If they really loved the house the sink would not have been a issue.



BTW We are in a sellers market not a buyers.

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Re: Feedback we got today on our house

Our house has been on and off the market for two years.  It is going back on in March.  It has been one of the worst experiences of our lives.  In our price range, houses do not sell quickly or at all.  


Last year, it was under contract twice. TWICE. Once was a cash buyer.  Everything was going perfectly including the inspection and they backed out because the house was too close to neighbors.  The house did not move in all the weeks they looked at it and spent tIme here.  By the way, during the inspection, there were eleven people in our house for five hours.  We got nothing as compensation when they backed out.


The other contract was a contingency.  For five months as their house never sold.  They wanted to renew the contract and we said no, took it back off the market for the DOM to reset. Their house was even higher in price than ours.


Feedback has been both outstanding and ridiculous.  


I hate this process.


I wish you much luck, @151949

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Re: Feedback we got today on our house

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As someone who has sold 8 houses, I know what you mean!!  We had one that sold the SECOND day it was on the market, as well as having one that took 10 months to sell  !!   The exact buyer has to come along that is looking exactly for your house, before it sells!


The lady who bought our last house had the reason that she had wanted to live in our little enclave area for over 5 years!   She didn't say as much about the HOUSE itself as she did about WHERE it was!!  ???


On the house that took 10 months to sell, it took our reducing the price by $6,000 before it sold!  During those 10 months, our realtor held 2 open houses, and I can't count the number of times I had to get out while the realtor was showing the house.  And the lady who eventually bought it, brought her daughter, son-in-law, son and a friend in with her realtor and they stayed in the house for over 3 hours that day that she was making her decision!  I went and ate lunch and just rode around while they were taking their time viewing it.  LOL


I said all that just to say that the right buyer will come along, the buyer who doesn't mind walking a few steps to another bathroom sink!!  Good luck!

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Re: Feedback we got today on our house

@sassenach1 I agree. I hate this whole process as well. We ordered our new home on contingency and we only have to Mar 19 to get this place under contract. My cousin asked us the other day what our plan is in case it doesn't sell. My DH said we will have to go to the builders and plead on bended knee for an extension.

I woke up this morning so nervous I was throwing up.

Someone is coming to view it today. 

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Re: Feedback we got today on our house

Everyone looking to buy a home has different priorities.  There is nothing wrong with that.  


If you want to sell the home badly enough you could think about lowering the price to cover the cost of them having another sink installed.  (I have no idea how much that would cost). 


Or, just wait until the perfect buyer comes along.  


Regardless, I hope you will sell soon at the perfect price point you're hoping to get.  Good luck!!!!





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Re: Feedback we got today on our house


They claimed to really love everything else but can't consider buying it because there is only one sink in the master bath. They said they get ready to go somewhere at the same time and it would be too inconvenient for one of them to have to walk down the hall to the other BR, or have to wait for the sink.SERIOUSLY??? BTW - that second bath is 10 steps away from the master bath - this is a small home. There is a ton of counter space in both baths. 

I am amazed by the spoiled attitude of buyers.



Obviously they're too lazy to walk 10 steps!


DH and I don't use the same bathroom for many of the reasons other posters mentioned  and I wouldn't have it any other way!


And as another poster mentioned, that would have been disclosed in the listing info.


Sounds fishy on their behalf, IMO.






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