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Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?

The current "farmhouse chic" look is not for me. I picked up Joanna Gaines' decorating book Homebody to look through when I was at the bookstore. Everything inside the book is black, white, or grey. I think there was a little color - or a touch of color - in one of the bedrooms.


My SIL recently redid the kitchen in the 1860's Victorian farmhouse DH grew up in. Everything is white, grey and stainless. She's happy with it, and that's all that matters. 


I've never been a "modern" style person. I'm eclectic, with a lot of family antiques mixed in with oriental decor. But I do like color in my home! 


What about you? 

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Re: Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?


I grew up with white walls, so I too need color around the house.  The only white is in the hallway, and each room is painted a color.


Farmhouse (modern or otherwise) is not my style.  

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Re: Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?

My DH jokes about my old flower plates and teapot collection, both displayed in the kitchen. He built a lovely shelf for the teapots though.

I have a lace tablecloth on the dining room table with Waterford crystal.

I like the wall colors to be somewhat neutral, but my apron with bright red cherries hanging in the kitchen that matches the painted wooden cherries swag over the doorway tell the real story.

Color and cozy!

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Re: Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?

I like elements of Farmhouse, but I wouldn't want it through my whole house.


I like comfy, oversized, neutral with blues/greens as my accent colors.  


I don't like a lot of little knick knacks all over.  I have no white walls.

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Re: Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?

Farmhouse is not my style, but I can understand the appeal.

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Re: Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?

Not a fan.

IF the architecture and style of my house was Farmhouse, then maybe elements of the style in the kitchen.

Also not a fan of Fixer Upper (J. Gaines) decor. 

I love to incorporate old items in my decor that add patina and other visual interest, but not old, shabby looking everything,all painted distressed white, gray and/ or cream.

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Re: Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?

I come from a long line of farmers, and very little of the style shown today represents the farm houses I've known.  My Grandmother would look at Joanna Gaines' work and call it, "citified."

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Re: Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?

I like it, but I prefer splashes of color.  Also, Joanna's farmhouse style is being copied by EVERYONE.  Every store has their version -- Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Target, the list goes on.  I'm getting tired of seeing it, I want to see something new.

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Re: Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?


I do have cream with black stripes farmhouse kitchen towels, does that even count?😂


I think it is nice, to a point though.


And, I think some houses work real well with it and others don’t, just like any particular decorating style. 


Probably best to not overdo any style.

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Re: Farmhouse Chic - Are You a Fan?

I like it and tend to go for neutral colors on my walls & furniture.  I like splashes of color through accessories.  For example my kitchen is ivory, brown & taupe with lots of red accessories.  I have a taupe sofa in my family room but can change out the look & seasons with throws & pillows.