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Fall decorating is done now.

I added one little thing this year, a Gnome.  He's so cute.  One other thing, needed to put my leaves (the over 6 ft. ones all strung together) in a new place this year.  So, got out the little hook things (3M ?) and we're using those to hold that in place.  Works great and you can't see the hooks.  I'll use them for the Christmas things that are on the same line.  Not real leaves in case you wonder.   We so love the fall and winter decorations!! Don't have a lot so the ones we use, are extra special now.  


Anyone else fall decorating?




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Re: Fall decorating is done now.

I haven't started yet. I'm not in the mood when the temps here are around 108. 

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Re: Fall decorating is done now.

My plan is to start this weekend putting up my fall display.  I feel the need to change and look forward to the nice crisp fall mornings.  I purchased s couple of new items to decorate my front garden so I'm anxious to see how they look.

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Re: Fall decorating is done now.

Yes, I decorated for fall. I love pumpkins &  hope the fall decor cools me down. Our moods change more positively when the decor is changed.

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Re: Fall decorating is done now.

Yes, done inside and out.  But I'm always tweaking.........let's see how this looks here, or, leave it where it was, etc Smiley Happy

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Re: Fall decorating is done now.

I am done but still tweaking as well.  I have some things on advanced delivery from QVC that should ship at the end of the month.

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Re: Fall decorating is done now.

I started Fall/Halloween decorating Labor Day weekend.  I finished days after and enjoyed the experience.  I have a lot of decor to put out so I always start early.  The house looks very festive and I am happy with the decorations and the Fall feel in the air.  I love Autumn and want to enjoy the season as it goes so fast .  Decorating the house is always uplifting and fun!

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Re: Fall decorating is done now.

I always start Labor Day weekend, regardless of the temp.  If I waited for the temp (and not the calendar) I would not be able to do Autumn and this is by far my fav time of year.  I am ready for Fall, Football and Fun!


Last year (and again this year) I used all decor to match the room in which it is displayed.  My home is now all done in grey, black and white and then each room has an accent color which i have used in my Fall decor.  


I no longer decorate for St Patrick's, Easter, Valentine etc but I go all out on Fall and Christmas.  And whatever I put out on Labor Day stays through Thanksgiving.  I only use autumnal decor and not specifically Halloween or Thanksgiving to make it easier.


Even my DH noticed how nice it looks this year!!!  Let the pumpkin candles begin burning!

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Re: Fall decorating is done now.

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We are down into the low 90's so that is close enough for me to start getting out my fall things. I don't really do much but have done my foyer, put out a couple of fall pillows on the sofa, but haven't put the fall wreath on the front door yet. Haven't noticed any others out on the neighborhood yet. I don't do Halloween , just fall/ harvest. The stores have pumpkins now but it's far too hot to put them out; same with potted mums. We should have a few more days of triple-digit tempsso have to wait on those.

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Re: Fall decorating is done now.

It's almost 90 degrees here in PA today.  It doesn't look like or feel like fall yet.


I usually change out my wreath on the front door with a fall one around Oct. 1.  I get a few mums and some pumpkins for the front porch too.  

I change out my fall decor after Thanksgiving for Christmas.  By then, the deer have eaten my pumpkins.


( I once heard a noise at my front door and opened it to see and there was a deer right in my face....I quickly slammed the door and she ran off.  She was eating the dried corn that made up my wreath.)