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FYI check the store's website before ordering

Today I went to Ashley's Homestore Outlet.  I found an end table that I wanted.  It was $249 and not available till March 30.


I wasn't thrilled with the price and the wait time.


So I went to their website when I got home. It was $197.  I'll get it this Wednesday and through Mr Rebates 4% back.


happy now

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Re: FYI check the store's website before ordering

Hi, @Mary Bailey !  I agree!


i am in the habit now of checking other sites and rebate sites to see those items I want to purchase before I buy from Q.  Often I find a better price and terms elsewhere.  So they get my business nowadays.


It used to be that you count on Q for unique products at good prices but that's not the case anymore, sadly!

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Re: FYI check the store's website before ordering

I recently saw a piece of furniture I was interested in on Ashley's web page

but I wanted to see it in person before purchasing.  Called to make sure

they had the piece in store.  The piece was more expensive in store,

but they honored the on-line price.  Only difference would be they offer

18 months no interest if you buy in store, and only 12 months on line.

But I wasn't interested in financing anyway. I was just glad I got the

cheaper price.   Only had to wait a week for delivery....I ended up

buying more than I intended to.  Woman LOL


@Mary Bailey  It does pay to look at a store's website. Glad you

found a cheaper price also.  Enjoy