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I saw one of those on a show out of Great Britain that needed to be refurbished.  Sort of like an Antiques Road Show?  Had never heard of them before.


Enjoy it!

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@FrostyBabe1    @ECBG    Posting retail links is against board standards so its a moot point.  It would just be zapped. 

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@FrostyBabe1   @ECBG   Herman Miller made the original Eames chair and still make the same chair.  There's no question as to its authenticity.

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Re: Eames chair, anyone??

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@ECBG wrote:

If this were a genuine Eames chair it would be worth thousands.  I taught Interior Design.  This is a great copy, though.

@ECBG @It's not a copy but it is newly from the makers of the original chair. It is sold for many thousands new. Go to the Sherman Miller site. Pricing is available. Auction prices for originals would be higher. 

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I LOVE Eams anything but would die to have that chair.  I thought they only sold it through the Museum of Modern Art.  LOVE it!

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My dad had one of these in his den, my brother has it now.  They are so comfortable and wear so well that we are thinking of getting two for our tv room.  They are wonderful chairs.

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A beloved classic of midcentury design!   I'm one traditionalist who is always also drawn to these sculptural midcentury modern classics of impeccable design.  Hope you're able to get yours, @FrostyBabe1 .

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These are beautiful....I'd love to own one.  My nephew and his family had a similar (CHEAPER) chair and I always liked it too.

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My dad had one when I was growing up.  I have no idea what became of that chair, but I sure wish I had it now.



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Those chairs may be comfortable, but they always looked like a monster to me.  The "eyes" on the top and the "arms" out in front.  Smiley Very Happy