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These 2 are my favorites.




Our entry way is narrow so there's not room for large pieces. I had a narrow table against the wall with a lamp & a couple of decorative items, but my DH kept complaining it was in the way so it was removed. I still have a rug and metal art piece on the wall in our entry way.


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The blue entryway is lovely. The second is nice as well. 

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Most of the pics have "something" appealing but I have to say Pic 3 is my favorite.  it's the most open space with floor-to-ceiling windows & I like the more modern, minimalist look to it.


Pic 6 is my 2nd fav.  Love the gorgeous art piece, lantern, settee & wallpaper & rug.  The table, seating & decorative walls (not sure what you call them) I could do without.


Thanks for sharing.


EDIT:  paragraph 1 corrected to be Pic 3.

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No 9 is the most like mine. No books, dark wood, and Westminster chimes which I love. They are seldom used because no one uses the front door.

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I like # 3 best....I wouldn't want a lot in my entry way, because to me it makes your first impression one of too much stuff in one place.....I like an entryway that is more light, and airy!

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My pick would be picture #2.             

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All are very lovely and elegant---however--am DONE with stairs and staircases----and elegance is not my thing as I am not elegant in the least.

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My favorite is the first one. This type of traditional decor seems have gone out of style in favor of the minimalist/hotel room look.

The entryway with the black walls is not my cup of tea, but to each her own.
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Okay, the first one is dreadful!  The carpet on the the stairs looks like the Ram board I put down to protect the floors if having work done.....


I've only owned one home with a true foyer/entry hall.  It had an old glass paned door (single french door?) that led you into the formal living room.  The door had one of those beautiful old glass door knobs.


I kept it quite simple with just a leaf table with a blue and white asian lamp.  The walls were a warm golden cream color and I had a beautiful blue Oriental carpet/runner.


My front door was alway open so you could see in the foyer and the light was always on. 


It was an old house (70 yrs) when we lived in it.