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Re: Dumb question about fabric softener

@Mustang Sharwrote:

No fabric softener. Use those wooly balls, throw them in the dryer. So far, I'm pretty happy with them.

  I haven't used fabric softener in over 10 years. No need to. I also use the Wool dryer balls. Got them on Amazon. They work great. No chemicals, no static and soft towels.

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Re: Dumb question about fabric softener

another vote for the woolly balls on Amazon--got 6 of them for under $10. Have been using them for a year now---are just great!! If you like scent, you add a few drops of essential oil on each one, throw them in the dryer alone and let them run for about 15 minutes so to set the oil. Works great too!!!

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Re: Dumb question about fabric softener

Yes it most certainly does.  I never use fabric softener on my towels or rags or anything I use to absorb liquid.  Notice if you spill something on your clothes how it beads thats fabric softener at work.

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Re: Dumb question about fabric softener

I never thought you were supposed to use fabric softerner on towels. 

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Re: Dumb question about fabric softener

Yes indeed TOO MUCH fabric softener will reduce and almost eliminate the absorbency of towels.


But I'm not a "hater" of fabric softener. The problem with it is that people use way too much. 


Following label directions, or what your mother did, is most likely excessive. 


The quality of your water will determine a lot, as well as the brand of softener, but liquid fabric softener can be used to keep towels soft, keep clothing static free, yet not cause the problems all the vendors on Q want you to think it will. 


First, let's make clear that microfiber doesn't tolerate softener at all. So it should never be used for those.


But in all cotton towels, a full load in a full fill washer, I find using about a teaspoon (and I mean an actual unit of measure, not just some random spoon full) of high quality softener diluted with water in my dispenser gives me just enough softness, good smell, and anti static, without reducing the absorbency. I know back in the day, many softeners were advocating an entire cap full in the wash, and that is waaayyy too much.


Many of my towels are from the 1970's and 1980's and look and perform well, just like when new.


I've tried the balls, the vinegar and none of it works for me, especially for the static, which gets really bad here in the winter especially. 


I never use dryer sheets, they are terrible for coating everything, even harmful to certain cycles of the dryer that sense dryness.


But fabric softener gets a bad rap from people who simply over use it. 


Allergy issues aside for those with super sensitivities.

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Re: Dumb question about fabric softener

Excellent explanation, @Mominohio

For many years I've been unhappy with fabric softener since I'd only been using it according to "label directions" but now may add it back in per your instructions.   

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