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I think you can downsize to the point where you don't have room to move around like if you had surgery and had to use a walker or even wheelchair for some time.  


I also think if you downsize too much and don't have adequate storage room for everything, and a nice place to deal with laundry, life will get a lot harder.  Sometimes bigger houses are easier to live in and maintain and keep neat.  A place for clothing and washing; a place for cleaning supplies; a place for a desk for paperwork, records storage and mail, and a kitchen with adequate storage for dishes, food, and cooking equipment. 

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Re: Downsizing Too Far?

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My house is 1200 feet, and I could probably live in 1000 sq. ft.  I would have to get rid of a lot of stuff though, like bookcases and things that are in my extra closets.  Like another poster said, I would put 1 1/2 bathrooms in though.  Toilets do need repairs at times, and it's nice to have a second bathroom.

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We never lived in anything larger than 1,000 square feet until we bought our first house.  However, we always made sure to have at least 1-1/2 bathrooms and a very efficient floor plan.  


Our favorite floor plan had two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The living room was small, but the second bedroom acted as guest room/home office/den so we could follow our own pursuits without disturbing one another if we wished.  The only thing in that plan that always seemed cramped was the kitchen, but it was okay for one person.

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Maybe you could compromise with yourself and get 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths.  Where did three bedrooms come from?  Where you thinking there would be guests?  

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I lived in a 1,000 as ft townhouse with my teen son.  We had two nice sized bedrooms each with an adequate walk-in closet.  The trouble was that was the only storage in the house with absolutely nothing, not even a coat closet, on the first floor.  Except for the lack of storage, the space was quite adequate

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You know what will make you happy. My friend moved to a cottage -- 1000 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. So easy to clean and she's traveling more than ever. She wishes she had a half bath for guests and more privacy for her. Agree with earlier post; this is something to think about. How exciting for you.



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When the time comes we plan to down size to 2 bed/2 bath. I want visitors to have their own space esp the bathroom.  But who knows what we'll decide? Have fun planning your cozy space. I love the tiny houses by the way.

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If you are in love with the smaller Craftsman style home, that's what you should get. Taxes should be less too. I wonder if the builder could modify it into a two bedroom home. I spend a lot of time looking at floor plans, and many under 1000 square feet have room for a second, smaller room that we would use as a den.
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This is not to put anyone down, but we are spoiled.  My grandparents raised 7 kids in a 980 square foot home.  As my mom and her siblings grew and got married, even spouses moved in until the couples were self sufficient.  And some children were born. The house has raised three generations and two uncles still live there.  I realize that by today's standards, that would probably be frowned upon or against the law but it was normal at the time.  But 980 square feet, and we wouldn't have changed anything.  So, if you love a smaller home, you will make it work for you.  Good luck with your decision.

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There is so much to consider when downsizing.


How many people will live in the space, not just now, but what are the possibilities that someone will move in, like a child coming back home, or finding a new love of your life if you are single now. How many pets, or any pets considered for the future?


How much company do you expect. Big family gatherings and will there be space for everyone to sit, eat, visit etc, even if just for a few hours, or is that just not a part of your life?


How often do you have overnight guests, and are they the kind that need their own space, or just as happy to be on the sofa or an air mattress? Is sharing the one bathroom going to work (it did for us for many years when we had a small home with only one bath).


How much 'stuff' and furniture are you truly ready to part with? Some people only think they can downsize their possessions to the point of being comfortable in a smaller space. They either regret it later, or end up taking more things than make the space comfortable, and struggling with things being too overcrowded.


Not all homes of the same square footage are equal. A well designed and thought out space can seem much bigger and hold more in storage, but it takes some thinking to maximize the space.


How are your finances? If you go too small, will you be able to afford (and will any zoning allow) you to add on in the future, should you decide you need a little more space? Or will you be in the position to sell and move again?


In reality, I think that I'm wired to adjust to just about any size space, if I have to, or if I love where I'm at enough to make the compromises necessary to stay there. 


Definitely give it a lot of honest thought, and have fun with the dreaming and planning!