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Re: Do you pay for a storage unit?

@RedTop wrote:

No storage unit for my family, but we do have a half basement and very large 2 car garage.   When we built the garage onto our house  13 years ago, I made sure everyone here understood that the purpose of the garage is a covered area to park cars.  I was not building it for storage space, and then be forced to park my vehicle in the driveway.   The garage gets a bit messy at times, but our vehicles are always parked inside of it.    



I know everyone does what works for them, but I agree with you 100%!


It makes no sense to me to park the cars outside when a garage is available. I can see for short periods of time, if you need the garage space for temporary storage, but cars are so expensive, and keeping them out of damaging sun and other weather just makes sense to me.


And many will not agree, but a house with a lot of cars parked outside looks messy to me. It detracts from the house, yard and landscaping that I take so much time to keep up.

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Re: Do you pay for a storage unit?




My husband and I are fighting this battle with a cousin of his who is a hoarder.  He has maintained a storage unit in FL for over 10 years and now pays about  $328 for it.  He has denied himself stuff he really needs like eye exams and new glasses just to keep this storage unit which he says contains all his best stuff.   Every year they raise the rent $20 so he is coming to a point where he will have to let go of this stuff.  We are praying he uses hiis common sense side of his brain and do it.  Good luck with your husband.