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Beautiful! (As long as the bears don't smell the food!)

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Love It!


I can so see me in a house like that, in Wyoming. Yep!

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I love the room, but would prefer to have windows on both sides.   

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Good those people know they're living in a rock slide area?  One good boulder could take out that dining room.

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Beautiful setting.

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After a hard rain you could well be "dining a 'la eau.!"  Just you and the fishies! 

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Re: Dining Al Fresco

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Great house. Love the way the dining space pictured converts from indoor to outdoor.

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I love it. I would keep the windows/doors closed if there was a bug/mosquito problem.


Beautiful setting.

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How did you find my new home I just purchased?  I already hired a contractor to install screen doors to compliment the glass doors to prevent insects from entering while dining.  Moving in next week!  LOL!  All joking aside...I love this and would love to live there!  Beautiful home.  Thanks for posting!

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I love it, but I think I'd keep the doors closed.  Snakes and all that...