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Re: Decorating Around Your TV?

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Beautiful Living Rooms With Built-In Shelving



I really don't mind the tv "set up" in your picture. I could live with that one. Actually, I think it is better than most I have seen. 


I know I have posted this picture before. Ideally this would be my choice but built-in's are so expensive. I think maybe we "shot ourselves in the foot" when they did away with entertainment centers?  We still have ours. Would I much rather have this built-in?  Oh, yeah!!!  I feel, however, it's a luxury I don't really need right now....especially with the high cost of  materials right now.    

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Awesome room!  The trouble is, when the tv dies, you are forced to shop for size rather than picture quality, so in 12 -15? 16? years, this room won't retain the same look.

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Re: Decorating Around Your TV?

Dont care for that look at all...

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Re: Decorating Around Your TV?

No, I don't like it either. too much distraction! I don't like the placement of the lamps, or the artwork. I do really like the tv stand though!