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Re: Dark Kitchen Cabinets

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I like dark kitchen cabinets, particularly cherry wood. What I can't stand iis white cabinets in the kitchen. I like dark, rich cabinets. 

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No, it's way too dark and "heavy" of a look for me.  

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This is a beautiful kitchen. I like every single one of the elements. I'm not sure I'd choose such dark cabinets but neither would they be a deal breaker for me. And for the record, I don't make choices for the place I call home based on what might or might not be a trend.

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While it's a beautiful kitchen, I think the cabinets are too dark.  I bet it's a dark hole in there during the day unless the lights are on.

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@Wilma7500  I really like the kitchen except that it is much too dark.  Great stove area, really nice island, and lots of storage.  I would probably go with a different chandelier, just larger and maybe even two.  The canned lighting over the stove is not ideal.  It is similar to the one over my sink and the placement does not give much light to the area that needs the light.

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That is a beautiful kitchen, but not for me, I prefer natural light, light backgrounds.  I think the cabinets are dark teal green.  This is a color sample.



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It's very pretty.  Looks like an elegant setting.  However, I would need much more light.


I'd love to see the rest of the home. 

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Love the plaid on those stools. Heart

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This kitchen is gorgeous.  But the cabinets are so dark --- they look black to me?  I personally would want something lighter.

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What a lovely kitchen..........plan wise.  However, think how much brighter it would be with cream colored cabinets and different lighting over the island.  Love the island.