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Heavens no.  It has a feeling of being a morgue.

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I would change the top cabinets to cream for a 2 tone look. 

I would also change the plaid fabric on the stools.

Chandelier id Ok but I might want something less ornate.

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Hate while cabinets...enough already, imho.  Dark colors make walls recede.  So to me the dark green cabinets don't overwhelm the room.  This color brings a sense of warmth and comfort to me.


Nice place to relax....and cook, I guess - if you really have toWoman LOL.

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If it has more natural light, I'd love it!

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I don't like dark cabinets.  I always purchase cabinets in the middle not too light or too dark and I have hardwood floors and I do the same with the floors.  That way when the trend changes I'm right in the middle.

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If I was going to do it I would choose navy or dark green and contrast more with white, etc..  I like the patterned chairs also, but in more vibrant colors.


Dark colors add depth to a room - whether it's a wall, a couch, decor, or whatever.

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I think this is a beautiful kitchen. I'm not sure it is anything I would choose to do in my own home, but I do like it.

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Love the dark kitchen design!  


Years ago we were at a co-worker's place - kitchen was mahogany cabinets and dark hunter green.  The darker wood was common throughout the house.  Darker carpets.




I'm not a fan of lots of natural light or brightly lit spaces.  

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I had my kitchen remodeled a year ago and my cupboards are very similar to the ones in the photo in color (walnut). I have a cream-colored tile floor so I went with a creamy-white granite countertop and a natural travertine backsplash so it's a very nice contrast. We also get a lot of light in the kitchen so it never looks too dark. I love my kitchen. 😊

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I really like everything but the chandelier.  It looks too formal for a kitchen.