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The architecture of the room is accented by the beams. This is a lovely room and the home probably has excellent bones! (Furniture can be changed.)

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Re: Dark Beams Living Room

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I have dark beams in my kitchen.Mine are not shinny like these,mine are more rustic.


I like mine



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I don't like narrow rooms and this looks like one.  It looks like everything was done and placed to make it look less limited in width and confined.  To me, it's hard on the eyes as well.

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This living room is striking with those beams.


Again, the walls could use a softer color.  I could live with the rug but prefer a different design.  


It's nice & airy.

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way too sterile looking for me.  no. 

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I would empty the room, paint the walls a light blue and redecorate furnishings and decor.

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It's a beautiful room.  I like everything about it.  I bet the rest of the home is gorgeous too.  I think the beams and the lines in the rug play off each other very well.  Makes the room more cohesive.  Nothing to fault here.

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We had dark beams in our living room.  


What a pita it is to paint the ceiling.


We finally decided we had enough with painters tape and cutting around them so painted them the same color as the ceiling.  I don't know why we never thought to do it years and years ago.

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I really like it in this room, but I don't care for the chandelier at all.