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@Mom2Dogs Have you considered using blue painters tape? Or an edger that is made for painting just below crown or above and below a chair rail so that the wall paint won’t touch the molding. I’ve done this and I think I got the edger at a home store. It’s simple to use. No steady hand needed. 

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@d_to_the_third wrote:

Has anybody used a mitre box, and if so, please share your experience.

P.S.- I am NOT a math whiz.



Miter boxes are very easy to use and easy to understand. If you have any issues, YouTube has tons of videos on using them. The simplest miter box is simply am open-top wooden box with slits cut in it for your saw to follow. It'll have slits for 45 and 90 degree angles. Other miter boxes, including power miter boxes,  will have saw guides with a nearly infinte range of angles you can cut. By and large they're very easy to use. You put in the piece of wood you want to cut. Line up wood so you're cutting it n the right place. Lower the saw to be sure you're on the mark, then make the cut.

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Re: Crown molding...

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I see someone responded to your direct question.  While I never learned HOW, my husband was a pro. 


He knows how to use any tool made.  What I noticed is this:  Even when you do the cuts, there are times you have to finesse the fit or do a little extra trimming.


I watched him do the cuts and put the molding up.  Our walls were straight and it still took a fair amount of time to get things right.


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I prefer it the same color as the ceiling.  Definitely put it backup.  I think it dresses a room.

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We ordered the crown molding as an extra when we ordered to have our house built. We were the first to order it for this model of home , and it really created a broo ha ha. We have no square rooms in this house. There are little nooks and crannies all over - every room - and many slanted instead of squared off walls.Not to mention arches etc. Plus it's open concept so there are no defined spaces - one runs into the other.The builders didn't know where they were supposed to stop & start the crown , so they ended up just putting it in every room but the bathrooms. Even the laundry area has crown molding.The architect who was the building supervisor said we really got a bargain because it took two finish carpenters 3 weeks to put up the crown molding due to very few 90 or 45 angles but slanted walls with various degree corners. Much measuring and apparently a lot of mistakes. He said it really cost the builder money, and after doing our house crown molding was taken off the list of available options.

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So @Mom2Dogs  we are all curious what you decided to do after all discussion.

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I painted the ceiling yesterday, the walls will get finished tomorrow.

We are putting the crown back came down nicely, no breaks -so once I can get it painted, it will go back up. 


The room is not huge, the cuts were simple, all straight except for the corners.  Once everything is done I will schedule the new carpet.


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Color of the ceiling for my taste, preferably white. Looks classy and dressy.