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I am painting our livingroom and taking down the crown molding first....the ceiling needs painted as well.

I am thinking of putting it back up and painting it the same color as the walls.....We have standard 8 ft you think it would close in the room?  The room color is a green, on the dark side.


2nd option is just leaving the molding is coming off easily so I don't think I am going to break any of the wood.  thanks

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Differcult to say...not seeing the room or paint. Good luck!⚘

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When I am able to afford to repaint the living room, I want to consider crown molding as we don't currently have it. 


Taking it down sounds like big work! But if it is natural wood finish or a different color than the ceiling/walls, I can imagine painting around it would be a pain as well. 


This is one thing I hadn't though of in considering crown molding, and I guess I need to....the work of painting around it when the paint would need refreshed at a later date.

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Crown molding that I'm familiar with - taking it down (nailed on) seems like a huge job to me.  Re:   color  - since your walls are darker green and assume ceiling is white - I would never paint the CM the same as the walls - yes, too dark.  I would have the CM in white - white woodwork is always preferred and it 'sets off' the darker walls.

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If I did put it back up, I would go with the ceiling color on it as well to make it work as an accent or break in between the darker walls and lighter ceiling.


Paint the ceiling first, and see what you think without it up there, maybe you will like the clean lines of the wall meeting the ceiling. Walk out, walk in -a few times and see what you think... you can always go back and put it back up there. 

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I would paint the cm the same color as the ceiling.  Otherwise, IMO, it would blend into the walls and not stand out as I think cm should.



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I am a pretty steady painter....but one reason I want to put the molding back up is I know there will be a few spots where my hand is not steady and the two colors will meet....the molding hides a few flaws.



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Oh my !  I would never remove the crown molding,  what a loss !   I also would not paint it the same color as the walls.  Maybe you could just paint it the same color as the ceiling if your aim is to make it appear to disappear.  

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We live in an older family home and just repainted some of the rooms. Our crown molding is 1-1/2" and baseboards about 2-3". We painted walls light gray, the trim semi-gloss white and ceilings flat white. I think my parents would be proud of the changes I've made. 

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@fthunt I agree, I would go for white crown molding. You need some brightness, and contrast. Your crown molding should be a highlite, a statemnt. Gree on green, it would get lost.