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In my pantry with my cupcakes...
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So cozy.  I love that fireplace. 

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I would love to see more of the room. It is cozy and rustic. I love clean sleek lines, so I would love this for a weekend getaway, but not for my home. 

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Home run.  

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I LOVE the chair especially!

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Love the bedskirt.

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I'd hate to fall out of bed!

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Its is a cozy room but as is typical with these cottages, there are too many unrelated busy, unattractive patterns.  The eye begs for a place to rest for a moment with a calm solid or something with a minimal pattern.

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I love it.  It reminds me of my maternal grandmothers old farm house.  My grandmother was a wonder seamstress and made quilts, did tatting and embroidery.


Her whole house had this cozy theme. It is so comforting.

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This is definitely not my style.  it's a "No" for me!

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