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Okay, don't like the pink stools, mirror, the dark blue wall, ceiling or rug in the next room.  Guess I could live w/the blue doors and foyer wall.

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Love it ~ Lots of interest!

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This does not appeal to me at all. I don't care for this shade of blue or pink...way too bright. 

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Re: Colorful...

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I have to say I actively dislike the wallpaper on the sitting room ceiling and especially juxtaposed against that rug, of which I'm also not fond... I could live with the rug, but not the wallpapered ceiling...

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I'm all for some color, however, not any of this style.

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No, no, no. 

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On paper, it sounded like a good idea but in reality.....not so much!
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Oh no. No, no, no.  
And I like blue.

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Those hot pink stools or whatever they are --- no - no and no!  The look into the adjoining room --- too many patterns and colors going on!  I guess they couldn't make up their mind, so they just threw them all in there!  A big YUCK!  

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too much blue!