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My closet is not insulated, so I can see the heat of the summer warping the boards.

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DH did master closet many years ago. They could stand painting (shelves). A closet company did a couple of closets and they remain bright white. The one in laundryroom had shoes on shelves. Only needed wiping off. Lovely.
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Our closets are so incredibly small (I have only three feet of hanger space in the master closet, and hubby has three feet, and the depth of the closet is less than three feet, so I won't be of any help with systems or great structural ideas. 


They only input I can offer is my first step would be a thorough weeding out of everything I own, and really get rid of a lot of things I wasn't using/wearing. I think we all have too many things in our closet we rarely/never use. 

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My closet re-do will seem unorthodox to many, but it fits me perfectly.


After retirement 6 years ago, I have worn out, weeded out the majority of the clothes in my closet.  I have never been interested in spending my money on clothes.  Last summer I was down to 14 hangers in my closet, so I moved my clothes into my husbands closet, and turned my closet into storage.   

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We completely redid our master closet some years ago. I have upper and lower racks for clothing and a separate space for long things to hang. We put shelves, floor to ceiling in the entire back of the closet and I also have space for handbags (a weakness) around the entire top of the closet.....lots of hooks for hanging belts and accessories and we also placed a small vanity chair to sit and put on shoes, socks and such.


We did all the work ourselves.