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Would love to hear your best tips and tricks for re-doing your closet , please!  Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, or have a custom closet!  Would love to update and organize my closet for less!  Beautiful on a budget!  Thanks!! 

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Last two houses: first thing I did was to customize the master walk in closets. Previous house also did the front hall double reach in closet. Worth every penny as these are areas used daily. Shop around. I used the same local, family owned business both times. Much less $$$ than California Closets. I am happy that I hired a pro for the materials and installation. Top quality on both and a pro will make the planning easy, effective.and organized. 

A worthwhile expenditure if the budget allows. I have literally been happy and organized with my closet every day. No sagging rods and a well planned and executed closet will hold so much more, plus you can find everything!

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Friend of mine just did hers with Elfa closets from the Container Store. she measured the closet and worked with a designer at the store and they installed it. She is very happy with it and the work. 

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Agree with previous posts . . . then, go through your closet every season and pitch whatever hasn't been worn during the past 12 months. Donate that unworn stuff!!

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I recommend solid shelves, not wire. I like to shift, slide my hangers, so the wired racks don’t allow for this.
Many times you can have a closet company come out for free and do s design. You may learn from their questions and design.
Good luck. It is a freeing improvement.
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Thanks for all the great suggestions!  I appreciate your input!

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I prefer the coated wire organizers for closets. Solid shelves accumulate dust!! We redid all of our closets in our old house and that was a HUGE seller when we sold. We went the cheap way by using Home Depot kits but I loved the drawers, hangers, shelves I had. 

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I'm hoping you get a lot of tips --- the do it yourself kind because I'm trying to do this myself!  Oh, it's such a chore.  I'd rather do any other household job than this!


I have 2 large closets and 2 small ones that I am in the midnst of purging and trying to organize.  So, as you can imagine this will take a while!  LOL.


My plan is to put all jeans together of all kinds in one small closet.  All coats and jackets, hats and scarves in the other small closet.  The hats and scarves and gloves will be in those smaller plastic containers in the top shelf of the closet.


One larger closet will be for the nicer clothes and outfits that are already coordinated.


The other larger closet will be for my more casual outfits already coordinated.


Top shelf in the one closet will house my handbags.  


I don't have room for sweaters in my closets, so these are all being folded in clear plastic boxes in my extra room near the laundry room which I use as my extra closet area.  


I am sure as I go along I will probably make some changes but this is my loose interpretation for now!



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I'm not sure that there is any hope for my closets.  The builder put in Closet Maid shelving in all the closets 25 years ago and they are still going strong.


There is only one closet where there would be any room to do something creative.  But I doubt putting in "furniture" would be the way to go because it would eat up a lot of room.  I think the only hope is a more elaborate Closet Maid set up than just the one shelf/rod all the way around.


I will add this to the list of things to look at.

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A vote for California Closets.  They told me that the vast majority of their work was with small closets, not making over a huge closet/room like in the ads.  They were the rare workers/home improvement/repair people to come in, get the job done, with no drama.  They had the stuff they needed the first time and did what they said they were going to do.

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