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Re: Cleaning with Steam Question

@Allegheny wrote:

@Rockycoast56  After reading many of the other posts relating to the hand held units I am now considering the type of unit you have.  Besides just the kitchen I can think of several other areas in and around the house where it might assist.

@Allegheny,  I have always considered the handheld type, well, just for getting wrinkles out of clothes or not for tough cleaning jobs.  A more powerful steam stream is what I wanted.  I checked and we have a Wagner Powersteam model.  I purchased it about 8 years ago. It had good reviews then and checked online, it still has good reviews now. To me you are just able to use it more and is more durable. We are redoing an upstairs hallway. It has wallpaper. Will try the wallpaper steamer attachment on that. See how it works.

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Re: Cleaning with Steam Question

@Rockycoast56    Thanks for coming back and letting me know the brand you have.  I think we are of like mind in wanting a steamer that we can use for multi purposes.