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Re: Cleaned my closet today

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@KentuckyWoman and others.  I am where you are at.  Besides having beautiful stuff that I myself purchased, there are items inherited.  I am also the type of person who always looks at items and say to myself, "well I can find a use for that."


I am just not motivated enough to do a yard sale or sell on eBay, a lot of work for litte return.  So I have been gifting and donating.  I, too, have hesitation about unloading pricey, good quality unused items, but I have realized I am not going to reach my goal unless I do so.  It's a slow and somewhat depressing process as it never looks like I make a dent, but I keep plugging away at it.  

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I do think that I throw things away that I wish I hadn’t. It’s always something that was a memory or became one. Good thing it doesn’t happen very often.