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Change in Poo-Pourri scents?

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My last order of Poo-Pourri was on waitlist and when I finally got it, the HEAVEN SCENT fragrance was not the same.  It smelled just like the ORIGINAL CITRUS fragrance.  The bottles were labeled as HEAVEN SCENT.  I sent an email to customer service and they said to send the item back but it was too late as I had given one of the bottles to a friend before using my new bottle.  Besides, I just wanted the vendor to be aware that maybe the wrong fragrance was put in the bottles labeled HEAVEN SCENT.   I asked customer service if the fragrance had changed but they said it had not.  Please bring back the HEAVEN SCENT fragrance that Poo-Pourri first offered.

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Re: Change in Poo-Pourri scents?

I bought the large size original scent to refill our bottles on Black Friday to save some money.

Did not save any money since the formula I bought is not the same when you pay regular price or 20% off.

The bottle I bought on Black Friday does not work as you can still smell the poo. LOL!!!

Did not have that problem with any other bottles I bought at other times not on Black Friday.

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Re: Change in Poo-Pourri scents?

Amazon sells them on a/d   (subscribe and save) maybe you will have better luck there    I do.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Change in Poo-Pourri scents?

We use Poo Porurri but they pretty much all smell the same to me.  I recently ordered some replacements and they don't seem to be doing the job as well as previous orders.  Maybe it's a bad batch or a change of fragrances?