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@Goldengate8361 wrote:

I like Berber carpet in light tones. 

I could not wait to get Berber carpet for BR. The way it is woven/manufactured, it is prone to snagging. I had a pile of clothing on the floor and reached down to pick them up. Apparently, a hanger got tangled in one of the loops and I had a huge snag and left a bald spot showing the carpet backing.

Luck it was back in the closet and not visible in living space. 

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@Whatnow  I love Sisal carpeting and some Jute carpeting can look good.  Both low piles, easy care.   Cat Very Happy

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@Bri36 wrote:

Gray is neutral.


Sculpted carpet is nice - a little texture makes a neutral somewhat more exciting.


I don't know if I'm spelling this right - but Frisee has tones of colors in the carpet - it's not a shag, but it's got longer fibers. 



I would not recommend Frieze in a high traffic area.  Mine's about 10 years old.  Where no one walks it's still beautiful.  Otherwise forget it.  And it's expensive carpeting.   It's light beige.  Shows too much dirt/stains too.  Unless you're going to take off your shoes when you come in the house I would not recommend a light color.  


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Re: Carpet color

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If you are concerned about dirt or stains showing then solid blue or blue-gray shades are not your friends. If this is the case, the best color of carpet to have is one that looks like the color of the dirt in your area. When I picked out carpeting for my house I scooped up some dirt from my yard and took it with me to the store and matched the color of the dirt to the carpet. Having a dog tracking in dirt from my back yard doesn't look so bad.Woman Very Happy


I had slate-blue carpet, more on the gray side, in a house I lived in and it showed everything.Woman Tongue

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Re: Carpet color

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Carpet shopping with my mom just yesterday. 


Here is my input after carpeting several homes over the decades. 


Be sure you want carpet. There are so many other flooring choices out there today, and I think even if you are feeling certain you only want carpet for an area, look at and consider other things, you might be surprised. 


If carpet it is! then think about the kind/style of carpet before you even think about color. 


There are so many styles, and each comes with it's own positive and negative things. 


For me, I don't want a deep pile that will crush or that will show sweeper marks or foot prints. I have come to learn that I want berber if I'm going to have carpets. And that is what I do have in several areas in my home already, I learned by doing!


I have struggled with it, as berber isn't very elegant for certain areas that I want to look not so casual. But finally in looking with mom yesterday, I found a berber that is much smaller in loops and much richer in style and color choices than I'd ever seen before. Perfect!!


So make sure that if you plan on living with the carpet for a long time, that it will be not only of a quality to wear well, but it won't be too casual for the look you want, won't be the kind to crush, mat, show prints or sweeper marks, etc. 


Color is the last concern, having the right kind of carpet is the much more important choice.


But once at the color choice point, take samples that seem 'perfect' to you in the store, and some that are lighter and darker than what you think. It will look different at home and in different rooms and at different times of the day and night, as well as different under different kinds of indoor lighting. 


Do not let them rush you, take your time, and don't be afraid to think out of the box a bit. You may come back to your original color choice, but ruling out some others will help reinforce the choice for you.