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I'm waiting for Mrs. Santa Claus to come out with cookies and milk.

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I like all three pics, except for all the green tile in the kitchen.  That would have to go.  Love the back stairs in the mud room.  My grandparents had a huge old home that had back and front staircases. Us kids had a ball there!

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I love all of the white beadboard ceiling & walls, the flooring & white fixtures.  Also the red/white striped area rugs.


I'm not a fan of the green features at all.  Nor the green stairway with too many pics.  Nor, the green hanging light.  

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It's different and I like the stove, but not crazy about red white and green.

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i don't really care for this at all


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Don't care for it. The wood in the kitchen is the last thing I'd want. I learned how to use a wood stove but would never want to go back to that.

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Do like the ceiling.


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I like it except for that big monstrosity of a green tile fireplace/stove unit.  It ruins the whole house.

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I love the space, the view and the range unit.  I think the red and white is too intense on the eye and would be very difficult to live with or even visit.


I'd keep the range, the white, and put in some botanical floral where the flowers are very widely spaced.


Other rooms I'd do like this (I'd make the chair on the left a more substantial frame.


Image result for anthropologie living rooms

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I love the view.


I don't care for that space at all.