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Re: Calling all For the Home posters, please check in!

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Does anyone know how to have the original post of the thread show up at the top rather than the bottom but have the replies show up as newest first? Maybe that is not an option? TIA!



I haven't figured out how to do exactly that, and I don't think there is a way that is working. 


Here's what I've figured out works easiest for me right now, until I figure out a better way:


When clicking on the general "Home" to the left, and all Home topics are listed, I will click on the how long since lasty reply listed just above the last poster's ID.

 In this example I'd click on the 12m ago.  That seems to make all the replies show up in reverse order, which is how I like it.



Thanks SHOPR!  I'll try that.

Hi Mallemo, in the top left corner is a red reply button, just next to it it says "topic options".  Click on that and you can select in what order you want to see the post.  I choose new one first.  Or you can choose other options.  HTH

Thanks lucymo for the help!