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It's January, so how about a small, stylish vintage log cabin getaway!  Love the charm of the huge, planed logs, the fireplace.  How cozy and dreamlike to sip hot cocoa on a snowy day in that little "great room".   I like the bath room, and the master bedroom combines the logs and a pretty toile in a sophisticated way.


The cabin is not going to be "light and bright",  so you go in not having that expectation.  But couldn't they have had a small consevatory off the main room, for light to flood in, ha.  That would make it perfect.


DO NOT LIKE the flag rugs.  Would never do that, for people to walk all over.  Callous. But otherwise the cabin is a delight, I think.

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I love it for a vacation home. I like everything about it.

We have a lot of family in Canada and know what the winters are like so I am positive I would not want to live there year round.

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I love it but I fell in love with the outside of the cabin the most. 


I prefer flags or flag pictures on the wall instead of the floor but that’s me.


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Oh, I forgot the outside of the house, @OKPrincess-- you're so right, it couldn't be more charming...

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I do love a log cabin in the woods.  I'm wondering why she calls so many things "crazy" when they don't seem all that extraordinary.  It's as if she is apologizing too much.  Anyway, that's the sense I got.


And, yes, why flag rugs at all?  Surely if she loves the color, she could have found another design.


The home seems comfy and welcoming overall.  

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I like the cabin and some of the decorative elements, but not the overall design. So much potential, but I don't think it was particularly well realized... Would love to have that cabin to decorate myself!

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I love this little cozy's warm and welcoming and a perfect cold weather retreat! 

Some of my favorite things:  the beautiful medallion on the wall near the dining table, the chandelier with the antlers...whimsical and so unexpected in a cabin...the pretty blue and white theme in the master bedroom...another unexpected combination of colors because cabins are usually decorated in more earthy, warm tones and I loved that this room wasn't!  I also love when items are re-purposed and used as something functional in a home such as the railing along the stairs being a part of a ski-lift!


Thanks for sharing!

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What a good eye, you have @lOVETOSHOP.  The things you mention were things that I liked too.  The ethereal blue and white in master bedroom, combined with those huge, rustic planed logs-- love!  I think she said something like, that sort of treatment reminded her of a French chalet, and it did me too...


I was disappointed by the new, add-on entry way with the mud room area sort of visible-- it just seemed rather utilitarian and not integrated with the whimsical charm of the cabin.  But, using those reclaimed knobs and cables etc. from an old ski resort for bannister and stairway stuff, I loved that too!


It surprises me that I also loved the cozy underheated floors (since I'm usually not that practical, ha).  They do that in Britain too, where they have a lot of old stone floors,  Imagine how great that feels on your feet.


In addition to disapproving of flag rugs, I didn't really like most of the ones she said her company had made-- at least none of them really stood out to me.


I'd still take it though, in a flash!  "Overall feeling" is what usually grabs me, and that cabin definitely has the "it" factor for me.