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@kaydee50 Are you asking about the bedroom with the super-sized Roomba attached on the ceiling? Or the other bedroom, with the DIY project ceiling light?

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Homes like this would so much fun to house sit (if I were a whole lot younger).


Coastal homes are so inviting, @Oznell 

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I love a lot of what I see here.  The rooms aren't so over done that they can actually be lived in.  I loved the master bath and don't love many because they are as cold as ice to me.


I'd love to have you here to go the fail in July or October that the Folk Art Center has.  You wouldn't BELIEVE the art in all areas, (including pottery there will be!Smiley Happy

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I love the outside of this house. I'm not a fan of the inside.





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The " thing" on the bedroom ceiling is a ceiling fan.  They are expensive, normally over $1000. 

i saw a few recently while looking for a new ceiling light for my master bed room.


I love this house and there is only one thing that causes me concern.  i,don't like bathroom vanities that are open on the bottom.  I can't get down to clean under there anymore and the vanity can't be moved.


I guess I would have to hire a cleaning service.


So, when can I move in?

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@Oznell  Beautiful

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I love everything about this house.  

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I love this house!!!!!Inside and out! I love Coastal homes anyway and this one stands out to me because it isn't decorated like your typical coastal home.. The pottery and all of the arches, love it!!! 


I think that is a ceiling fan on the ceiling in the one bedroom! Beautiful home!!!!!!

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I thought for sure some sharp-eyed poster would go "ew" and point out that silver crab!   Not my favorite evocation of the seaside, but, hey....



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I'm not a big coastal person nor is more modern architecture my preferred choice, though I do appreciate some of it. Still, this is a very nice house that offers special views and comfortable living. I don't care for much of the decor and could have a field day decorating against type and deleting all the seemingly rather pat California style Mexican, mission and modern styistic influences.

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