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Re: Buying furniture on line

@Snowpuppy wrote:

@ccassaday I don't purchase imported/put it together yourself furniture no matter who the seller is. My local Amish builder can come close to Wayfair prices. 


Why keep ordering the same put together furniture if you are continally disappointed? 


This is my first experience with Ashley. I'm not expecting top notch anything. Salesman gave me a better price than online and I only put 1/2 down. I don't see it in 8-11 weeks on the receipt, I'll call the cc company.



I hope everything goes smooth for you. I was almost to the point of going to the Amish store. I did find one there I liked but the color I needed would of been hard to do. My parents got their kitchen table set from the Amish. It's beautiful but was very expensive. They had cloth chairs made by them too. It's such great quality.The nightstands probably would of been fine if the legs handed already been attached. It all woyked out because I am super happy with the ones from value city. They go great. They are really good quod qudluyu too. Legs had to be put on but that was it. 

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Re: Buying furniture on line

I ordered my new sofa from Overstock---got it in 5 days, in boxes--huge boxes!!  Got free shipping and returns, and DS actually came over to put it together for me--took him maybe 30 minutes--hardest part was getting the boxes open. Was freaked out after I ordered--the WHAT HAVE I DONE moment--- but there was no way I could get to a showroom and then have it take at least 8 weeks to get it. It is a reclining, 3 seat sofa--very firm and in a mottled grey toned color---feels good and looks good--am I over the moon about it---no, but it will do and after not having one for the few months in my new apt---it is really fine. I did also buy a 3 year warranty too---so feel good that if anything breaks down, it will be covered. and the pandemic was the main reason I didn't go shopping in person too.